Rosella: Wollombi
Bear: Salmon-catching, arm strengthening training machine
Kiwi: Flying machine for a flightless bird
Penguin: Flying Machine for a flightless bird
Hare: Flying machine for an introduced species to leave
Zebra: Stripe-widening paint darkening and enhancing machine
Turtle: Shell de-scaling, polishing and buffing machine
Tiger: Strip restoration using stencil and re-touch machine
Thylacine: Protective armour, sign awareness and longevity machine
Snow Leopard: Fuzzy spot re-touch and rejuvenation machine
Seal: Skin polishing, and enhancement, head massage training machine
Shark: Restrained, out of water fish-catching training machine
Snake: Underground obstacle course and mouse-catching training machine
Rhinoceros: Lumping honing, skill rejuvenation and scrubbing machine
Raven: Flight assisted but restricted prey-catching training
Pig: Flying and weight reduction complete training machine
Panda: Food retrieval and shoulder strengthening training machine
Penguin 2: Waddling, muscle strengthening, speed training machine
Penguin 1: Jumping really high and catching fish, training machine
Octopus: Bell-ringing, co-ordination training machine
Otter: Sea urchin catching, holding and playing training machine
Mandrill: Makeover, hair teasing and colour rejuvenation machine
Koala: Gum-leaf catching and storage, jumping machine
Kangaroo: Leg strengthening and hopping training machine