Artist's Works: Steve Lopes

Lopes - Study East 2018 Study East
Lopes - Morning Figures 2018 Morning Figures
Lopes - Arch Study 2018 Arch Study
Lopes  - Midday Figures 2018 Midday Figures
Lopes  - Headland 2018 Headland
Lopes - Georges River View 2018 Georges River View
Lopes - Final Visitors 2018 Final Visitors
Lopes - Beach Walker 2018 Beach Walker
Lopes - East View II 2018 East View II
Lopes  - Promenade View 2018 Promenade View
Lopes - The oyster shed 2018 The Oyster Shed
The Arch
Lopes - Carss Park, Morning Figures Carss Park, Morning Figures
Lopes - Day Trippers Day Trippers
Untitled Figure and Village Untitled Figure and Village
Steve Lopes - Untitled Landscape Untitled Landscape
Steve Lopes - Untitled Study Untitled Study
Steve Lopes - Rooftop Figure Rooftop Figure
Steve Lopes - Camp Figure II Camp Figure II
Steve Lopes - Camp Figure Camp Figure
Lament Singer - Paris, Diptych
Steve Lopes - Central City study Central City study
Steve Lopes - Untitled Figure Untitled Figure
Untitled Figure III Untitled Figure III