Di Holdsworth -  Fly me to the moon Hero

Deirdre Bean, Tanya Chaitow, Rod Holdaway, Di Holdsworth

Group Show
12 June - 7 July 2018
Opening Saturday 16 June, 3 - 5 pm

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Personal memories and histories of a place, person or event can shift and warp with the passing of time. Artists DEIRDRE BEAN, ROD HOLDAWAY, DI HOLDSWORTH AND TANYA CHAITOW each explore this human process of looking back and recounting – playing with familiar or unfamiliar narratives to create memory-laden works.

DI HOLDSWORTH revels in the reconstruction of histories and cultural narratives in her musical assemblages. Working with found objects, she matches space cowboys with Greek Minotaurs and saucy dancers to create fantastical responses to the iconic 1969 Moon Landing.

Wind your way through TANYA CHAITOW’s uncanny depictions of historic genre paintings, as she places ghostly figures within their iconic settings. Reimagined, the delicate vignettes entwine history with CHAITOW’s signature floral motifs and whimsical characters.

Looking back, ROD HOLDAWAY returns to his time in Paris and equates these memories to his life in inner-Sydney. The shifting figures and lighter tones create a lyrical and ephemeral dreamscape that speaks of the passing of time.

DEIRDRE BEAN composes delicate homages to stories in her everyday life. Poised flowers and Chinese inspired ceramics appear carefully balanced yet look closely as BEAN distils the narratives that fill her everyday. From her neighbour’s cat that walks under her strelitzia everyday to the wattlebirds that leave droppings on her car– BEAN’s still lives are rich with narrative and wit.

Explore the exhibition as each artist visually pull at the threads of personal memories and human histories, and then follow as they rethread the past in unexpected ways.

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