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Natural attraction Denese Oates

By Vanessa Keys
The Outdoor Room with Jamie Durie    14 December 2010

"Denese Oates is the queen of corrosion. She likes her iron rusty and her copper weathered with a watery verdigris patina, so we had this is common straight away. It is mesmerising to see this softly spoken lady don a welding mask, fire up her blowtorch and contentedly weld tiny bits of metal together. Her bold and intricate sculptures pay homage to nature in the most reverent way" - Jamie Durie ...more


May Barrie

By Lynne Dwyer
Spectrum, The Sydney Morning Herald    11- 12 December 2010

A mother-and-daughter show with the 92-year-old sculptor (who won last year's Sculpture by the Sea with her granite monolith Time and Tide) exhibiting small-scale versions of her sensual boulders alongside paintings by Tori de Mestre. Of particular charm is de Mestre's series of small, bronze rustic farm gates, demonstrating perhaps an inherited feeling for country.

Stella Downer, 2 Danks Street, Waterloo, 9319 1006. Tue-Sat, 11am - 6pm, until December 18. 



May Barrie & Tori de Mestre

By Andrew Frost
Metro, Sydney Morning Herald    3 December 2010

May Barrie's stone sculptures defy their materials with sharp edges and soft curves, while painter Tori de Mestre's canvases are delicate and layered counterpoints of shifting perception.

Tuesday to Saturday, until September 18, Stella Downer Fine Art, 2 Danks St, Waterloo, 9319 1006.



May Barrie & Tori de Mestre

Sculpture by the Sea e-Bulletin    2 December 2010

May Barrie & Tori de Mestre are having an exhibition at Stella Downer Fine Art Gallery, 23 November - 18 December.  There is some truly beautiful work on show so if you are in Sydney drop into Stella's gallery in Danks Street, Waterloo. 


May Barrie & Tori de Mestre

By Arts
The Wentworth Courier    1 December 2010

Sculptor May Barrie (2009 Sculpture by the Sea winner) and her daughter Tori de Mestre live in a romantic alliance with nature. Living and working on their beloved family property at Calderwood they achieve a synthesis of site and practice. Stella Downer Fine Art, 2 Danks St Waterloo. Until December 18.  ...more


A Walk in the Woods With Denese Oates

By best planner
Daily Telegraph    27 November 2010

A Walk in the Woods With Denese Oates, Stella Downer Fine Art, 2 Danks St, Waterloo; opens 6pm, then daily 11am - 6pm until February 19, free, 9319 1006,

Denese Oates's sculpture exhibition features carefully crafted works ranging from the biological to the botanical. The works are full of rhythmic movement which sheds light on inspirations gained from her childhood in Orange. 



May Barrie & Tori de Mestre

   23 November - 18 December 2010

Quietly esteemed Australian treasure MAY BARRIE and her daughter TORI DE MESTRE live in a romantic alliance with nature. Living and working on their beloved family property at Calderwood they achieve a synthesis of artist, site and practice. MAY BARRIE studied under some of the most influential figures working during the Australian Modernist period in the 1950's including William Dobell, Edmund Harvey and, most influentially, her sculpture lecturer Lyndon Dadswell. She has been carving biomorphic forms out of found stones for more than 50 years. TORI DE MESTRE has inherited BARRIE's sensitive artistic vision and she creates paintings, sculpture and textiles. 



May Barrie and Tori de Mestre

By Hayley Morgan
Two Thousand    17 November 2010

While my mother and I get along best when we're throwing down stacks of cash at Incu (shout outs to the best mum!), May Barrie and her daughter Tori De Mestre live a platonically romantic life aligned directly with nature. Carving stones, sculpting, painting and living on their family property at Calderwood they draw connections between objects, inherited spaces and human kinship. Up until the 1960s, May carved without electricity, using a mallet and chisel to shape, and her hands to polish. Tori was lucky to inherit her mum's artists visions and incredible self discipline, and together, for their current exhibition, they achieve an amalgamation of place and practice. - HM


Rae Bolotin Feature Artist    11 November 2010

Rae Bolotin experiments with tantalising organic forms, playing with equilibrium and scale to surreal effect.


Rae Bolotin Seeds

   26 October - 20 November 2010

RAE BOLOTIN draws inspiration from her study and reflections at the Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens near her studio in the central Blue Mountains. BOLOTIN experiments with delicate organic forms like seedpods, playing with equilibrium and scale to surreal effect. Sprouting tensions between surface and form, her stainless steel sculptures remind us that beautiful things spring from the smallest of kernels.



Interview - Rae Bolotin Culture

By Joyce Morgan
The Sydney Morning Herald - Spectrum    23 - 24 October

"In reality there is no seed like that, it's a magical fantasy."




Statues of ... no limitations Rae Bolotin

By Kat Adamski
North Shore Times    22 October 2010

RAE Bolotin wants people to move around her sculptures and observe the vibrant changing colours.




Denese takes craft down to the wire

By Kat Adamski
North Shore Times    15 October 2010

DENESE Oates' organic wire sculptures have morphed from fish tales into botanical shapes. ...more


Wendy Teakel wins $35k Country Energy Prize for Landscape Painting

Artabase    5 October 2010

Wendy Teakel of Murrumbateman, near Yass, has won Countryscapes 2010 for her artwork Black Soil Country.


Wendy Teakel has won the Country Energy Art Prize 2010

By Stella Downer Fine Art
   1 October 2010

Congratulations to Stella Downer Fine Art artist Wendy Teakel who has won Australia's richest prize for landscape painting with her entry Black Soil Country. Now in its eighth year, the $35,000 Country Energy Art Prize for Landscape Painting showcases the wealth of artistic talent across country and coastal New South Wales. ...more


Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize 2010

Art Almanac    October 2010

Congratulations to SDFA artist LYNDA DRAPER who has had her work White Elephant included in the 10th Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize 2010 ...more


Virginia Cuppaidge Ribbon Road

   21 September - 23 October 2010

VIRGINIA CUPPAIDGE's oil and acrylic works on canvas show the inherent vitality of Abstraction with homage to the 1920's School of Paris. Born in Brisbane, CUPPAIDGE studied in Sydney with Desiderous Orban, Stanislaus Rapotec, Marea Gazzard, John Olsen and Robert Klippel before moving to New York in 1969 to "see the best abstract art going on at the time and live in the art museums." CUPPAIDGE has lived in New York for more than forty years and her exhibiting career has traversed the American, Canadian and Australian art scenes, with thirty five solo exhibitions and numerous public commissions and awards including a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1976.



resident expert

By Matt Lowden (photographer)
Vogue Living Australia    September - October 2010

In an extract from his new book, renowned Virginia raised Sydney-based designer Thomas Hamel shares his thoughts on the creation of a residence. 


Profile: Stella Downer

By Trevor Gager & Stella Downer
Arts Hub    16 September 2010

Trevor Gager of Arts Hub interviews Stella Downer , Director of Stella Downer Fine Art...





By Lynne Dwyer
Spectrum, Sydney Morning Herald    September 4 2010

Sculptor Bruce Radke welds fluid shapes out of lolly-hued metal to create pieces of playful pop art. He balances smooth curves of vivid metallic colour with sharp contrasting zig-zags and twists.


Virginia Cuppaidge New Paintings

By Owen Craven
Artist Profile, issue 12    September 2010

Virginia Cuppaidge's energetic oil and acrylic works on canvas are composed on intuition. They possess an inherent vitality of abstraction, which she developed while studying with peers such as Desiderius Orban, Stanislaus Rapotec, Marea Gazzard, John Olsen and Robert Klippel. While she is now based in New York, Cuppaidge's abstraction is rooted in her Australian experience. ...more


Artisans in the Gardens Denese Oates

By Friends of the Gardens
The Gardens magazine    Spring 2010

Each year, as the Artisans in the Gardens exhibition draws close, we see a theme emerging through the artists' work. This year, in our 10th anniversary of the exhibition, our highly individual and creative group of artisans are embracing an organic theme, while celebrating gardens and the amazing creatures that live in them. They are doing this by using various mediums, including metal and wire, sculpture, jewellery, textiles, ceramics and glass, and interpreting the subject in their own unique way. 



Home Altared Lynda Draper

By Kirsten Paisley, Director
Shepparton Regional Art Gallery Catalogue    August - September 2010

Home Altared captures the idea of how we use possessions, particularly collections of objects to create altars of meaning in the home.


Bruce Radke Resonance

   24 August - 18 September 2010

BRUCE RADKE is highly respected for his skill as a sculptor and for over 20 years he has been creating seamless works. Seductive and sensual, the liquid twists of RADKE's sculptures appeal to our fingertips as well as our eyes. Like music, twirling, turning and coming to rest, they are graceful balances of form and rhythm. RADKE exhibits broadly across Australia and internationally and in recent years he has been a regular participant in Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi.



It's in the detail

By Andrew Frost
Metro, Sydney Morning Herald    13 - 19 August 2010

Hu Qinwu's New Abstraction updates traditional Chinese art with careful application, writes Andrew Frost. ...more


Millenial Slippage Din Heagney visits the Melbourne Art Fair

By Din Heagney, Andrew Frost
The Art Life    6 August 2010

Din Heagney visits the Melbourne Art Fair, drinks champagne, gives sound art-investment advice and can't get the wise words of Bill Henson out of his mind...


New Abstractions From China

Spectrum, Sydney Morning Herald    31 July

Hu Qinwu's beautiful canvases in rich reds, golds and inky blacks appear at first to be fine cloth hangings. One work is covered with a shower of golden droplets, while many use the ancient method of tempera - eggwash mixed with pigment - to create their delecate finish.



Art Notes Constructed Landscapes

Art Monthly    July 2010

constructed landscapes: Australia-China connections at ME Photo Gallery in Beijing's 798 art district, features artists associated with both Australia and China: Huang Xu and Tony Scott; Jane Dyer; Hu Qinwu; Anne Graham and Allan Chawner. The works in the exhibition respond to Chinese landscapes - physical, psychological and cultural - with irony, wit and sardonic humour. The exhibition is part of the larger program of cultural events associated with imagine Australia (Year of Australian Culture in China) 2010-2011, and is planned to tour galleries in Australia later this year. ...more


China Art Projects Hu Qinwu - New Abstraction from China

   20 July - 21 August 2010

Sensitive works by leading Beijing artist HU Qinwu present an aspect of contemporary art from China not usually seen in Australia. Borne of the scholarly tradition of Chinese ink painting but defying the confines of culture and category, time and place, HU Qinwu's command of ink, tempera, acrylic, oil and print media signals the germination of an exciting new approach to traditional techniques and the burgeoning of an abstract style amongst a young generation of artists in Beijing.



SDFA at Melbourne Art Fair 2010

   4 - 8 August 2010


August  4 - 8, 2010 Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton Gardens, Melbourne

STELLA DOWNER FINE ART has exhibited at the Melbourne Art Fair since 2002. Exhibiting in the 2010 Fair will be RAE BOLOTIN, TANYA CHAITOW, ANNA EGGERT, MIIK GREEN, LIZ SHREEVE & TREVOR WEEKES (from the gallery's stable of over thirty artists).



Rae Bolotin

By Katherine Harrington
Sculpture + the enemies - Quarterly No 3. 2010    21 July 2010

Rae Bolotin's sculptures are as intellectually stimulating as they are exciting to look at. With an engineering background, Bolotin is highly innovative in terms of how she approaches her art, altering existing technologies such as metal beating and those involving the metal surface to produce her seamless steel sculptures. Her work is strongly influenced by shapes, surroundings and new technologies. Bolotin has been a finalist in the Wynne Prize (2007), exhibited in Sculpture by the Sea (2010, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2004) and the Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award (2007). ...more


Studio Visit - May Barrie's in Albion Park

By Katherine Harrington
The Sculptors Society Bulletin    July - August 2010

Our last organised studio visit was to May Barrie's studio in Albion Park. may is 91 years old and has been a sculptor for over 60 years. Last year she won Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi with her large granite sculpture which stood 2 (h) x 3 (w) x 1 (d) meters. Eve Chant our secretary was there and this is what she saw...


Tanya Chaitow - Feature Artist    15 July 2010

Tanya Chaitow's works are alive with subconscious narrative. Like heady childhood fever dreams, part nightmare, part fairytale, these paintings take the viewer on a journey.  ...more


Ashley Frost New work

   22 June - 17 July 2010

To ASHLEY FROST cities are curious and vibrant places, sites of modernity and the cradle of contemporary life. Fascinated by intersections, where the city's periphery converges with the inner suburbs and the moment where day ends and night begins, he shows us there is great physical beauty to be found in the urbane. Born in Sydney, FROST studied at the National Art School East Sydney, BFA in 1992, and is currently finishing his PhD in Visual Arts with the University of Wollongong.



Wendy Teakel - 'Touching Dust' Box Office

By Annemarie Lopez
Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney Magazine    27 May 2010

Wendy Teakel lives near Canberra and produces weathered, poetic works evoking the countryside. Her work is influenced by drought and she is known for creating scorched and branded surfaces using heated pieces of fencing wire (such as After Burning, 2010, above).

Until June 19, Stella Downer Fine Art, 2 Danks St, Waterloo. Admission: free. Phone: 9319 1006.



Wendy Teakel Touching Dust

   25 May - 19 June 2010

WENDY TEAKEL's evocative works explore the way in which site is physically encoded, incised and scarred by the transient living things which inhabit it. TEAKEL's three-dimensional works are intimate, inviting installations, with a sense of place, passage and ritual. At once weathered and beautiful, her poetic landscapes on paper and plywood bare an earthiness and vitality reminiscent of the country between Canberra and Wagga Wagga. TEAKEL's work is represented in the National Gallery of Australia, Australian National University, Australian Embassy, Canberra Museum & Gallery and Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, amongst others.



Open Gallery Merrick Fry

By Lissa Christopher
Sydney Morning Herald    8 May 2010

Fry constructs colourful towers out of recycled glass in which intriguing little objects - such as a thumb-sized human figure, a transparent protractor or a ring of shiny paper sardines - are imprisoned. Prolonged staring may ensue.

Stella Downer Fine Art, 2 Danks Street, Waterloo, 9319 1006 Tue-Sat, 11am-6pm, until May 22.



Sculpture by the Sea 2011

By Adam Fulton
Sydney Morning Herald    30 April 2010

SCULPTORS will be urged to boycott this year's Sculpture by the Sea after the coastal art exhibition slashed the commission it pays to galleries for artworks sold via the event.



Ingrid Johnstone 'Four Seasons' Spectrum

By Spectrum
Sydney Morning Herald    17 April 2010

Our current exhibition, Ingrid Johnstone 'Four Seasons', has been singled out by the Sydney Morning Herald as a must see event this weekend!



Filomena Coppola, Janet Dawson, Merrick Fry

   27 April - 22 May 2010

FILOMENA COPPOLA, JANET DAWSON and MERRICK FRY share a love of the world around them, which they interpret in their art with spirit and imagination. The cultural clashes of an Italian heritage in an Anglo-Australian childhood influence FILOMENA COPPOLA's art and her images reveal her seductive vision for a world of perfect confluence. A superb colourist and consummate draughtsman, JANET DAWSON has had a long career as one of Australia's most influential artists. MERRICK FRY is an artist of great inventiveness and his recent sculptures allow the viewer to peer into worlds of fantasy and magical realism.


Tough and Dedicated May Barrie

By Ken Scarlett
Australian Art Review    February - April 2010

Ken Scarlett considers the fortitude of three sculptors who have devoted their lives to sculpture. ...more


Tour de force

By Elizabeth Fortescue
The Daily Telegraph    29 March 2010

An artistic odyssey has resulted in a great exhibition, writes Elizabeth Fortesque.

On This Island, Meeting and Parting, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre, 782 Kingsway, Gymea; to May 9, free, 8536 5700.




On This Island, Meeting and Parting at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery Group show featuring Steve Lopes

By Owen Craven, Curator
   March 2010

Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre is proud to present an exhibition featuring the work of eleven prominent artists who undertook a painting tour of New Zealand's North Island. 

The participating artists include Lucy Culliton, David Keeling, Euan MacLeod, Jan Senbergs, Ann Thomson, Judith Van Heeren, Julie Harris, Steve Lopes, Idris Murphy, Peter Simpson and Shonah Trescott.

 Exhibition runs 27 March - 9 May 2010 at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre.



Ingrid Johnstone Four Seasons

   23 March - 24 April 2010

INGRID JOHNSTONE enjoys the physical act of painting on canvas, she charges her compositions with intuitive, sweeping brushstrokes that harness the expressive potential of pure colour. Tonality and movement imply veils of cloth and like drapery the surfaces of her paintings both reveal and conceal.



Archibald last day David Fairbairn and his Archibald Prize entry

By Charles Brewer (photographer)    8 March 2010

Artist David Fairbairn stands between the panels of his joint entry . David won the Dobell drawing prize in 1999 and his wife Suzanne Archer won the Wynne prize in 1994. This year they submitted a joint entry to the Archibald. 




Rae Bolotin works on display at the Sofitel Wentworth hotel, Sydney

By Stella Downer Fine Art
   March 2010

RAE BOLOTIN has been invited by the Board of Art Month to exhibit at the Sofitel Wentworth Sydney and three of her works are on display in the foyer and courtyard during March. On Wednesday 31 March Rae will be giving an artist talk about her work in conjunction with the Eckersley's art classes being held at the Sofitel that day.  ...more


Renowned Sculptor Visits Coffs Harbour Denese Oates on television

NBN News    28 February 2010

Coffs Harbour art lovers are enjoying the opportunity to view works by a nationally celebrated sculptor.

Denese Oates opened her exhibition at the Regional Gallery this weekend.



Sydney is the place to be in March for contemporary art! Art Month Sydney

By Stella Downer Fine Art
   March 2010

By now you may have noticed the Sydney CBD is flush with big red banners baring the Art Month logo and that the doors of many of your favourite art-eries have been anointed with matching stickers. Join Stella Downer Fine Art and 70 other commercial galleries, artist run spaces and institutions in showcasing the depth and diversity of the city's visual arts scene - all in the name of the inaugural Art Month.




Moving Pictures

By The (Sydney) Magazine
Sydney Morning Herald    March 2010

Picture, if you will, a precinct filled with other worlds, great masters, rising stars and tomorrow's heroes. Dominic Rolfe dons his walking shoes for a magical art tour of the galleries of Paddington and Woollahra. 

The Best of the Rest....



Miik Green sculpture and painting

   23 February - 20 March 2010

Sensuality and wonder are important elements of MIIK GREEN'S work. His sculptural reliefs consider mutability and transformation, simultaneously referencing the organic and the artificial. GREEN is concerned with creating optical links. He says his work "is basically about sensuality and space... Desire and consumerism come into play with the objects, too."


Tumult captured on paper

By Christopher Allen
The Australian    13 November 2009

Dobell Drawing Prize: Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney. Until January 31.

This year's Dobell Drawing Prize exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW is one of the best I've seen. The work is well chosen and well displayed, and although there are inevitably a few of the usual suspects, there are also plenty of things worth looking at.



Graham Fransella

By Gillian Willis
Artist Profile    February 2010

Graham Fransella came to Australia with one suitcase for six months and has been here for 30 years. ...more


Tanya Chaitow

By Kate Adams
Artist Profile, Issue 10. 2010    February 2010

Tanya Chaitow paints fairy tales for adults. "We need to expand on tales we are told as children," she says, "because the world is in a constant state of change". ...more


Open Gallery: To Be Humanized Arts & Entertainment

By Lissa Christopher
Sydney Morning Herald    30-31 January

Trevor Weekes spent time studying the spider monkeys at Taronga Zoo for this delightful series of paintings. The monkeys appear in opulent interiors more commonly associated with human portraits (Culture Monkey, pictured) but seem largely unimpressed by it all. Some solemly study birds while others stare intently at the viewe or beyond the frame. Don't miss 'Monkeyproof Bathroom' on the wall in the office at the back of the gallery. 

Stella Downer Fine Art, 2 Danks Street, Waterloo, 9319 1006. Tue - sat, 11am - 6pm; Sun 11am - 4pm. Unti February 21.



Trevor Weekes To Be Humanized

   19 January - 21 February 2010

TREVOR WEEKES' works never disappoint. Known for his fascination with bird and animal subjects, previous bodies of work have explored his concerns for subjects as diverse as flight seen through chickens, birds and life-size planes, and even pigs and elephants. In WEEKES' latest body of work he concentrates on the primate, drawing closer associations between human and animal behaviour. ...more


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