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Art 10am Exhibition

By Elizabeth Fortescue
The Daily Telegraph    15 December 2012

 It's your last chance to see the final exhibition of 2012 at this gallery. There is fine work on display and for sale by artists including Filomena Coppola, Viola Dominello and Rachel Fairfax, whose work, Spirit Birds - Red Beaked is pictured above.




Dobell Prize-winning artist David Fairbairn

By Andew Yip
Art Gallery of New South Wales    15 December 2012

The Art Gallery of New South Wales have produced a video interview with Dobell Prize winner David Fairbairn. Fairbairn talks about the importance of line in drawing and the process of drawing a sitter from life.

Click here to view it



Beautiful Intent Lynda Draper and Jacqui Hudson

By Dr Julie Bartholemew
Ceramics: Art & Perception, no.90    December 2012

Lynda Draper and Jacqui Hudson are concerned with the social and cultural power of art, yet their sculptural work engages with an aesthetic language that conveys beauty. An exhibition showcasing their work at Stella Downer Fine Art in Sydney, 2012, embodies a seamless interconnection between critical thinking and the seductive materiality, technical skill and finessing of craft practice. ...more


Growth and Differentiation

By Sharne Wolff
The Art Life    29 November 2012

Despite their delicate appearance, the underlying natural law in the structure of Liz Shreeve's paper sculptures makes them very robust. ...more


Deck the walls

   13 November - 15 December 2012

Our final exhibition for 2012, Deck the Walls celebrates the year in art. Feast on brand new works by FILOMENA COPPOLA, VIOLA DOMINELLO, RACHEL FAIRFAX, ASHLEY FROST, MERRICK FRY, MIKI KUBO, ISHBEL MORAG MILLER & LIZ SHREEVE.



Parking in Danks St made easy!

   2 November 2012

Danks St is perenially popular thanks to the wonderful art, food and shopping. Parking in Danks St can sometimes a hassle on the weekend but we have found a FREE PARKING solution for you. ...more


Boyd, Dorrough & Warren

By Leah Haynes
Art Monthly Australia, Art Notes, issue no.255    November 2012

Lynne Boyd, Heather Dorrough and Joy Warren share a special sensitivity. Boyd paints atmospheric landscapes. Dorrough makes panoramic prints of the iconic bush, water, and sky surroundings of the Hawkesbury region. Warren exhibited for many years and was respected as a ceramic artist and an art historian. They come together in a thoughtful showing at Stella Downer Fine Art. ...more


Final exhibition by well known potter is on now!

   30 October 2012

DR JOYCE WARREN was a distinguished potter and art historian who died in July 2011. Her final works are on exhibition now at Stella Downer Fine Art. ...more


Janet Dawson - a personal view

   25 October 2012

Janet Dawson will be the subject of a survey exhibition at Goulburn Regional Art Gallery from 25 October - 17 November 2012. The exhibition will include works from a private collection, with an emphasis on works completed in the last ten years.  ...more


Lynne Boyd, Heather Dorrough, Joy Warren

   16 October - 10 November 2012

LYNNE BOYD, HEATHER DORROUGH & JOY WARREN share a special sensitivity. LYNNE BOYD paints atmospheric landscapes. HEATHER DORROUGH makes panoramic prints of the iconic bush, water, and sky surroundings of the Hawkesbury region. JOY WARREN exhibited for many years and was respected as a ceramic artist and an art historian.



Spring Equinox Dinner

   19 September 2012




Trevor Weekes The Floating World and the Beauty of Things

   18 September - 13 October 2012

Stella Downer Fine Art is expected to be flooded with creativity during the third week of September with the latest work by TREVOR WEEKES. The gallery will be swamped with paintings and works on paper that conjure up the mythical realms of Buddhism, the famous ‘Floating Worlds' of the Edo period of Japan and Noah's ark. WEEKES' paintings and drawings of animals in imaginary landscapes are portals into a whimsical and exotic realm. His waterlogged worlds immerse us in an uncanny reality in which mystery, glamour, shadow and danger are prescient. ...more


Art for Humanity Painters and Jewellers for Australian Red Cross

AA magazine    September 2012



Images in the frame Janet Dawson

By James Cockington
Money, Sydney Morning Herald    1 August 2012

Demand for Bruno Bernini prints has recently increased. His photograph Hot Soup 1957, showing the artist Janet Dawson, is a typical example of his European style. It sold for $1500. Another fashion shot, taken at the Eastern Market, fetched $1800. ...more


Janet Dawson, Gail English, Rod Holdaway

   21 August - 15 September 2012

JANET DAWSON, GAIL ENGLISH and ROD HOLDAWAY share a special sensitivity. Together their works capture the eclectic beauty of the Australian landscape. A superb tonalist and consummate draughtsman, JANET DAWSON is one of Australia's most senior artists. GAIL ENGLISH has developed a painterly language of loose geometric forms that refer to rural topographies. ROD HOLDAWAY'S tonal paintings and drawings are charged with a kinetic intensity and they capture the ambience of the urban environment. ...more


Trevor Weekes Preview

By Bridget Macleod
Artist Profile magazine, Issue 20, p.154-5    August 2012

When Trevor Weekes began to explore the ideas underpinning the Japanese ukiyo-e prints that he collected - which were to inspire a new body of work - he discovered 'that there are two floating worlds'. ...more


Liu Zhuoquan Profile

By Sarah Vandepeer
Artist Profile magazine, Issue 20, p.93 - 6    August 2012

Like Indiana Jones, Liu Zhuoquan is an intellectual maverick seeking a greater truth. "I regard Chinese society as an arena for my art to experiment within," he says. "Any subject, domestic, political, cultural, historic is a topic for me to use and be inspired by." ...more


STELLA DOWNER FINE ART @ MELBOURNE ART FAIR 2012 Stand B81 1 - 5 August, 2012 Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton Gardens, Melbourne

   1 - 5 August 2012



Paper trail branches out

By Liza Power
The Age    11 August 2012

Liz Shreeve's Whirl consists of a three-dimensional paper ball so ornate and detailed that one marvels at the patience and skill required to create it. ...more


Where to buy... THE WEEK visits an exhibition in a private gallery Steve Lopes

By Peter Wright
The Week    10 - 16 August 2012

One of 13 well-known artists participating in the Not the Way Home desert artists' expedition to Fowlers Gap last year, Steve Lopes is interested in the detritus of everyday life as symbolic of how people interact with the landscape, said Open Gallery in The Sydney Morning Herald. ...more


Junk Steve Lopes

By Lynne Dwyer
Open Gallery, Spectrum, Sydney Morning Herald    4 - 5 August 2012

Figurative painter Steve Lopes is interested in how people interact with the landscape. ...more



Visual Arts Diary, Sydney Morning Herald, p.12    30 July 2012

One of a dozen artists who travelled to the red-desert vista of Fowlers Gap, north of Broken Hill, for the recent S.H. Ervin Gallery show Not the Way Home, Steve Lopes is part of the new breed of plein air painters, connected to a tradition yet with an eye to the future.




Mosman Art Prize David Fairbairn

By Lynne Dwyer
Spectrum    28 - 29 July 2012

Gain insights into the creative process of 2012 prizewinner David Fairbairn and Clara Adolphs. ...more


The Whole Thing Hu Qinwu

By Luise Guest
The Art Life    26 July 2012

Luise Guest encounters a universe in the dots and lines of two very different, but connected artists... ...more



By Jane O'Sullivan
Australian Art Collector    23 July 2012

He was selected from a field of 736 entrants by judge Anne Flanagan, deputy director of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, for his portrait of the artist James Barker. ...more


David Fairbairn wins 2012 Mosman Art Prize

   20 July 2012

Congratulations to DAVID FAIRBAIRN, winner of the 65th annual Mosman Art Prize ...more


Steve Lopes Junk

   17 July - 18 August 2012

STEVE LOPES is a gifted painter with a deep concern for placing the figure in landscape. In the poetic vistas of Lopes' recent Junk series, we are invited to notice the inherent beauty of coughed-up objects of the everyday: iron, boxes, bottles and bricks. LOPES' ramshackle parade of disconnected forms and figures make simple statements that reflect upon the beauty that can be found in forgotten treasures and ordinary landscapes that sometimes require a second look. ...more


Still Life - Girls Gao Ping

By Luise Guest
The Art Life blog    3 July 2012



$140,590 announced for regional artists and communities in Victoria Filomena Coppola

media release from Australian Government Regional Art Fund    3 July 2012

Filomena Coppola has been awarded a Regional Arts Victoria Grant to produce a major multimedia sound, film and drawing installation.


A major commission Miik Green

   29 June 2012

Miik Green and Brad Ladyman's recently completed, untitled collaborative sculpture is now hanging in the new City Square Foyer of BHP. The newly installed commission for the BHP Billiton building fills over three storeys of space and comprises two kilometres of tubular aluminium, coated in red marine-grade paint. ...more


Steve Lopes: Junk

By Idris Murphy
Art Almanac    July



Melbourne Art Fair 2012 Tickets on sale now!

   June 2012

SDFA will be taking a stand at the Melbourne Art Fair again in 2012. Ticketing for the event is now on sale. Read on for details. ...more


2 Danks Street presents: Winter Solstice

   20 June 2012

As the winter solstice approaches, the nine galleries of Danks Street will light up the darkest evening. On 20 June, 2 Danks Street heralds the arrival of the Sydney Biennale, and we invite 'all our relations' to enjoy the warmth of our art, a glass of wine and the company of our friends. Please join us for a memorable evening.



Fowlers Gap

By Lynne Dwyer
Spectrum, Sydney Morning Herald, p.13    9 - 10 June 2012

A spin-off show from S.H. Ervin Gallery's Not the Way Home exhibition, with diverse and wonderful desert paintings by 13 Australian talents. Until June 16. Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 6pm, Syndicate, 2 Danks Street, Waterloo, 0410 426 886.  ...more


Filomena Coppola

By Helen Vivian (words) Darren Seiler (photography)
Mildura Living magazine    Winter 2012



The Drawing Room

   19 June - 14 July 2012

Pulse, stroke, scribble, trace, shade, puncture, meander...the possibilities of drawing are endless. Spotlighting the work of six leading Australian and Chinese artists, The Drawing Room will showcase some exciting developments within contemporary drawing practice. This is a group exhibition of works on paper by RAE BOLOTIN, VIOLA DOMINELLO, DAVID FAIRBAIRN, LAO DAN, GAO PING & AMBROSE REISCH. ...more


Outback inspiration

By John McDonald
Sydney Morning Herald    16 June 2012



Making connections part I

By Fiona MacIntosh
art out there (blog)    Sunday 3 June 2012

Not The Way Home satellite exhibition is on at Stella Downer Fine Art in Danks St. ...more


Open spaces inspirational Guy Warren

The North Shore Times, Lifestyle, p.32    25 May 2012

Artist lets the landscape soak in...

When 91-year-old Greenwich artist Guy Warren travelled over 100km to Fowlers Gap, he found open spaces opened his mind to a rich new  vein of inspiration. 



Fowlers Gap: 13 artists paint the desert Presented by SDFA in conjunction with Artist Profile magazine and Windsor & Newton

By Owen Craven, Editor of Artist Profile and Art Almanac
   22 May - 16 June 2012

Fowlers Gap: 13 artists paint the desert is a satellite show that coincides with a nationally touring exhibition, which launches at the S.H. Ervin Gallery, Sydney. The exhibition will include paintings, sculptures and drawings byMargaret Ackland, Elisabeth Cummings, Merran Esson, Joe Frost, Alan Jones, Jennifer Keeler-Milne, Ross Laurie, Steve Lopes, Euan Macleod, Idris Murphy, Amanda Penrose Hart, Peter Sharp and Guy Warren.  ...more


Congratulations David Fairbairn

   15 May 2012

David Fairbairn has been successful in securing a prestigious Print Council of Australia Print Commission.
Images of the works he will be producing will appear in September issue of Imprint magazine and the works themselves will be exhibited in select capital cities. ...more


Sherrie Knipe: Comb over

   11 May 2012

Sherrie Knip will be exhibiting her large scale work Comb over at Tweed River Art Gallery from 5 April - 23 September 2012.  ...more


Urban Patinas A look at Sydney artist, Ashley Frost

By Harriet Levenston
Aesthesis blog    8 May 2012

Slabs of paint - blue on burning red on neon orange on cool violet on black - form the thick, textural reliefs of artist Ashley Frost's vivid cityscapes in his current show, ‘Urban Patinas'. ...more


Urban Patinas Open Gallery

By Lynne Dwyer
Spectrum, Sydney Morning Herald    5 - 6 May 2012

The Inner West has never appeared so vibrant as in Ashley Frost's expressionistic images of King Street and Parramatta Road (of all places). ...more


Are we too concerned with the new? 2 Danks Street Galleries Conversations on Contemporary Art

   2 May 2012

The latest in the Danks Street Galleries Conversations of Contemporary Art is coming up!

Wednesday 2 May 2012

6pm for refreshments and 6:30pm start.

Utopia Art Sydney, 2 Danks St, Waterloo NSW 2017




David Fairbairn: Lineage

By A.J. Edwards
Art Almanac, May, pp.36 - 37    26 April 2012

‘Lineage', a survey exhibition of works by David Fairbairn, is an intensive collection which highlights the dedicated practice and understanding that Fairbairn brings to the discipline of the portrait. This is the final instalment of a touring show and the last chance for viewers to catch this popular exhibition. ...more


Ashley Frost Urban Patinas

   24 April - 19 May 2012

To ASHLEY FROST cities are curious and vibrant places, sites of modernity and the cradle of contemporary life. Fascinated by intersections, where the city's periphery converges with the inner suburbs and the moment where day ends and night begins, he shows us there is great physical beauty to be found in the urbane. Born in Sydney, FROST studied at the National Art School East Sydney, BFA in 1992, and is currently finishing his PhD in Visual Arts with the University of Wollongong.


Exciting pubic programs at Campbelltown Arts Centre Lineage: David Fairbairn selected portraits 1998 - 2011

   21 April 2012

Campbelltown Arts Centre are offering a variety of public programs relating to their current exhibition,'Lineage: David Fairbairn Selected Portraits 1998 - 2011'. Click here for more information. ...more


Art Break: Mildura Palimpsest Festival Filomena Coppola

By Damian McDermott
SBS Australia, Studio    September 2011

Click HERE to see a video about SDFA artist Filomena Coppola's installation and pastel drawings that were featured in the Mildura Palimpsest festival in September 2011. 




Open Gallery: Lineage

By Lynne Dwyer
Spectrum, Sydney Morning Herald, p.13    14 - 15 April 2012

A touring exhibition of David Fairbairn's portraits from the past 12 years finally arrives home after kicking off in Orange last year. ...more


Open Gallery Merrick Fry

By Lynne Dwyer
Spectrum, Sydney Morning Herald, p.12    6 - 8 April 2012

The artist's whimsical, baroque sculptures are made from colour-sorted found glass, marbles, shells, electrical fittings and heaven knows what else. Highly intriguing.  ...more


Arts Review David Fairbairn

By Sasha Grishin
The Canberra Times    7 April 2012

"There are three good portraits among this sorry bunch. These include a strong Large head JB no. 1, by David Fairbairn, where there is quite a remarkable control of the dynamic linear articulation and the colour masses as the artist explores both the physiognomy and the spiritual presence of the sitter..."

David Fairbairn's work Large head JB no. 1 stands out in Sasha Grishin's review of the Archibald Prize in The Canberra Times. 



The Australian Commericial Gallery Association and You

By Owen Craven
Art Almanac, pp.34 - 35    April 2012



Celebrating the humble comb

By Mairi Manley
The Chronicle    4 April 2012

Tweed River Art Gallery shed some light on the comb when it unveiled a special wall installation in the foyer by nationally renowned artist Sherrie Knipe based on the humble comb. ...more


Lineage: David Fairbairn selected portraits 1998-2011 opening soon at Cambelltown Arts Centre!

By Yasmin Ivanac
   31 March 2012

Campbelltown Arts Centre will launch its upcoming exhibition Lineage: David Fairbairn selected portraits 1998-2011 featuring works by local Wedderburn artist David Fairbairn on Saturday 31 March, 2pm.  ...more


Merrick Fry Recent work

   20 March - 21 April 2012

For MERRICK FRY whimsy and imagination reign supreme, his kaleidoscopic drawings, paintings and sculptures offer up a vision of the world that is poetic & uncanny. FRY'S works describe the familiar urban landscape, but it is a landscape that has been ingested and embellished. Sculptural forms that at first resemble Sydney's skyscrapers are just as likely to evoke totems, intergalactic plants or stalagmites. ...more


Double honour for Fairbairn Wedderburn artist a finalist in the 2012 Archibald Prize - while being exhibited locally

By Scott Dougherty
Campbelltown Macarthur Advertiser    March 2012

Wedderburn's David Fairbairn is up for the most presigious portrait art prize in Australia.

This year's Archibald Prize has 41 finalists and Fairbairn is one of the chosen ones. 



Super Saturday Art Month 2012

   17 March 2012

You are invited to join us this weekend for our Super Saturday.




Salon de Refuses coming up at the S.H. Ervin Gallery Steve Lopes

   17 March 2012

Stella Downer Fine Artist Steve Lopes will be exhibiting his work Asher Keddie Portrait in the Salon de Refuses exhibition at the S.H. Ervin Gallery from 31 March - 20 May 2012. ...more


Arts 'powerful whimsy' Love of adopted Australian landscape inspires artist's work

By Eleanor Pearson
North Shore Times, p.13    16 March 2012

Tanya Chaitow's painting of animals may be child-like in style but on closer viewing they reveal a lot more.  ...more


Archibald, Wynne & Sulman Prize 2012 Finalists announced Congratulations David Fairbairn & Graham Fransella

   15 March 2012

Congratulations to SDFA artists DAVID FAIRBAIRN & GRAHAM FRANSELLA. DAVID FAIRBAIRN has had his work  Large Head J.B. No.1 selected as a Finalist in the Archibald Prize 2012 & FRANSELLA has had his work River Track selected as a Finalist in the Wynne Prize 2012. 



Weaving passions into professions Rod Holdaway

By Shirley Godlewski
Australian Catholic University Alumni e-news bulletin    15 March 2012

An award-winning artist, Rod has studied painting, sculpture, printing, photography, drawing, philosophy and linear perspective in Italian Renaissance art. ...more


Merran Esson Not the Way Home

By Owen Craven & Merran Esson
Artist Profile, Issue 18, pp.84-85    March 2012

"I use the landscape to gather imagery. Because of the length of this trip, I was able to work with the landscape as I foraged around the place." ...more


Steve Lopes Not the Way Home

By Owen Craven & Steve Lopes
Artist Profile, Issue 18, pp.92-93    March 2012

"Often I will place a figure in afterwards or as I'm working in reaction to the landscape." ...more


Biting the line: the prints and drawings of David Fairbairn

By Renee Porter in collaboration with David Fairbairn
Imprint, Vol 47 No.1, pp.26-27    March 2012

Over the past 30 years, printmaking has occupied an important role in David Fairbairn's work. It has impacted significantly on his drawing practice and added an extra dimension to it.  ...more


anim(us) curated by Sarah Vandepeer

   21 February - 17 March 2012

TANYA CHAITOW, LYNDA DRAPER & JACQUI HUDSON explore the relationship between emotion and creativity, producing uncanny works that teeter between the beautiful and the strange. Animal references found in CHAITOW, DRAPER & HUDSON'S work made might be interpreted as manifestations of the animus ego, as defined by Carl Jung. ...more


anim(us) / Stella Downer Fine Art, Sydney, Australia

Ceramics Now Magazine    21 February 2012

Tanya Chaitow, Lynda Draper & Jacqui Hudson explore the relationship between emotion and creativity, producing uncanny works that teeter between the beautiful and the strange. Animal references found in the artists' work made might be interpreted as manifestations of the animus ego, as defined by Carl Jung. The anima or animus is an anthropomorphic archetype that we only experience fleeting glimpses of in dreams and it is a powerful source of creative ability. ...more


Twist on organic growth

By Sasha Grishin
Times2, The Canberra Times    21 February 2012

Denese Oates is having her eigth solo exhibition at the Beaver Galleries and it is one which continues with many of the themes and conceptual concerns of her previous shows. Namely, the exploration of organic forms realised in woven copper wire. ...more


Tanya Chaitow anim(us)    21 February - 17 March 2012

COFA Bachelor of Fine Arts & Master of Fine Arts graduate Tanya Chaitow will exhibit her new work at Stella Downer Fine Art in the group show anim(us). ...more


Open Gallery: Sculpture 2012 Denese Oates

Spectrum, Sydney Morning Herald    4 - 5 February 2012

Take a stroll around a cross-section of contemporary sculpture as seven galleries in the Danks St complex open the season with a sculpture show. Highlights include Marea Gazzard's less-is-more bronze: Andikythere 3/5 (pictured) and Christopher Hodges's pop floral forms at Utopia Art; Denese Oates's twiggy creations in copper at Stella Downer. ...more


Sculpture by the Sea 2011

By Eva Chant
The Sculptors Society Bulletin    January - February 2012

May Barrie's work was recently featured in the Sculptors Society Bulletin. ...more


A major acquisition

   21 January 2012

Congratulations to Denese Oates who has had a major work 'Dive' acquired by Optus.  ...more


Ambrose Reisch

By Wollombi Valley Arts Council
Wollombi Cultural Centre Newsletter    18 January 2012

Ambrose Reisch has been announced as the January 2012 Wollombi Valley Arts Council's Artist in Residence. 



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