Latest Artist Features and Editorial

Liz Shreeve at Vivid Sydney

May 2016

Liz Shreeve was part of a panel at Vivid Sydney in assocation with Melissa Silk. ...more

Steve Lopes in Salon des Refusés

16 July 2016

Congratulations Steve Lopes, who was selected in the Salon des Refusés at SH Ervin Gallery. ...more

David Fairbairn: Archibald Prize 2016 finalist

Congratulations David!

13 July 2016

David Fairbairn has been selected as a finialist for the 2016 Archibald Prize.

Tanya Chaitow

Chippendale New World Art Prize

14 June 2016

Tanya Chaitow is showing as part of the Chippendale New World Art Prize 2016. Open until the end of June.

Annabel Butler in 2016 Kogarah Art Prize

3 June 2016

Congratulations Annabel Butler!  ...more

Virginia Cuppaidge in Artist Profile

17 March 2016

Virginia Cuppaidge featured in Issue 34 of Artist Profile - speaking about her lifelong exploration of light.  ...more

Janet Dawson news

Self-portrait collection

December 2015

Congratulations Janet Dawson who was invited to be a finalist in the National Self-Portait Prize at UQ Art Museum. ...more


Congratulations Annabel!

November 2015

Congratulations, Annabel Butler. A finalist for the 2015 Korea-Australia Arts Foundation Art Prize (KAAF)!

View from the Studio, 2015, oil on board, 20 x 18 cm

Ashley Frost exhibtion

Every step you take is forever

November 2015

Ashley Frost is in an exhibition at the Clifton School of Arts: 'Every step you take is forever'. ...more

Alternate Forms

Denese Oates

November 2015

Denese Oates will be exhibiting with Kensington Contemporary in an exhibition called 'Alternative Forms', opening Thursday 19 November, 6-8 pm

Janet Dawson in the National Self-Portrait Prize

11 November 2015

Congratulations Janet Dawson who was invited to be a finalist in the National Self-Portrait Prize at UQ Art Museum. ...more

Fisher's Ghost 2015

Congratulations Annabel and David!

November 2015

Congratulations Annabel Butler and David Fairbairn! Finalists for the 2015 Fisher's Ghost Art Award which Opens 6 November , 31 October - 12 December

Artist Talks

Rachel Fairfax

October 2015

Congratulations to Rachel Fairfax who is a finalist in the @paddingtonartprize 2015! ...more

Fine Lines

Denese Oates

October 2015

Denese Oates has donated one of her exquisite copper sculptures to the Sydney Factory fundraising auction. Held at 2 Danks Street Depot II Gallery, Wednesday 7 October, 6-8 pm. ...more

Paddington Art Prize 2015

Congratulations, Rachel!

October 2015

Rachel Fairfax has been selected as a finalist for the Paddington Art Prize 2015. Well done, Rachel! Opening Thursday 22nd October, 6-8 pm at 111-113 Queen Street Woollahra. ...more