Deirdre Bean - Redfish
Deirdre Bean
Aku Aku 10 by Rae Bolotin
Rae Bolotin
Chudleigh Tasmania by Betty Bray
Betty Bray
Little Pink House by Annabel Butler
Annabel Butler
The sky needs only its shadows by Tanya Chaitow
Tanya Chaitow
Nightfall by Virginia Cuppaidge
Virginia Cuppaidge
Smoky by Janet Dawson
Janet Dawson
Water hen by Viola Dominello
Viola Dominello
Mellow Yellow II by Merran Esson
Merran Esson
Hagia Sophia Drawing 2, Istanbul by Rachel Fairfax
Rachel Fairfax
Soho Corner by Ashley Frost
Ashley Frost
Red Pub Doors	 by Rod Holdaway
Rod Holdaway
Judy Holding New Growth
Judy Holding
The Devil's in the Detail by Di Holdsworth
Di Holdsworth
Sunset study Certosa, Naples by Steve Lopes
Steve Lopes
Kangaroos in Outback Landscape by Mary MacQueen
Mary MacQueen
Wallanba Road by Ian Marr
Ian Marr
Leap of imagination by Denese Oates
Denese Oates
Orchid by Liz Shreeve
Liz Shreeve
Richard Spoehr Tiny bowl in a light chartreuse yellow/Ash white and light chartreuse yellow vase/ Hourglass cup in a yellow ash glaze No. 37, 36, 53
Richard Spoehr
Prue Venables Large white bottle and Large black oval No. 5 and 6
Prue Venables
Insight 4 by Trevor Weekes
Trevor Weekes
Running Ring-tailed Lemurs 1 (Berenty, Madagascar)
Ling Yoong