Lone Pine by Deirdre Bean
Deirdre Bean
Double Peel I by Rae Bolotin
Rae Bolotin
Spring by Betty Bray
Betty Bray
The Little Yellow Bin by Annabel Butler
Annabel Butler
At night the bees by Tanya Chaitow
Tanya Chaitow
Boat House by Virginia Cuppaidge
Virginia Cuppaidge
Young Wedge-tailed Eagel by Janet Dawson
Janet Dawson
Early Morning, Brooklyn by Viola Dominello
Viola Dominello
Collide  by Merran Esson
Merran Esson
Toy Birds, Bird Market, Hong Kong by Rachel Fairfax
Rachel Fairfax
Annandale Overlong by Ashley Frost
Ashley Frost
The Art of Conversation by Rod Holdaway
Rod Holdaway
Small Blue Mallee by Judy Holding
Judy Holding
Carousel Waltz by Di Holdsworth
Di Holdsworth
Gibbon by Mary MacQueen
Mary MacQueen
Silence Please by Denese Oates
Denese Oates
Tiling 15 by Liz Shreeve
Liz Shreeve
Large ash glazed bowl with turned foot and iron oxide rim by Richard Spoehr
Richard Spoehr
The Weight of Knowledge by Trevor Weekes
Trevor Weekes
Tree Frog (Madagascar) by Ling Yoong
Ling Yoong