Di Holdsworth

  • Cutting up and reassembling plastic, replica toys from the 1960s, Di Holdsworth subverts the notion of the traditional ‘unattainable' music box ballerina. Navigating the social landscape and its paradigms, she undercuts the idea of women as still objects, positioning the female assemblages to ride animals with 1960s plastic cowboys in an acts that are both whimsical and underpinned by desire.

    Di Holdsworth completed a Bachelor of Arts and Visual arts at the University of Western Sydney. She acheived her Master of Creative Arts at the University of Wollongong and was Awarded Australian Post Graduate Award through the University of Wollongong. In 2009 she was highly commended for the Manning Art Prize and in 2013 she won the Normyle Artists Residency on the Monaro Prize (Defieance Gallery's 18th Annual Miniature Sculpture Show) She has been a finalist in various art prizes including the Fishers Ghost, Woollahra Small Sculpture prize and shown at galleries across sydney including Damien Minton gallery and Rex Livingston.