Artist's Works: Steve Lopes

South View, Afternoon Study
Steve Lopes - Mask Pot Garden 2017 Mask, Pot, Garden
Steve Lopes - Coastal View and Rainforest 2018 Coastal View and Rainforest
Steve Lopes - Sculptural Form and Structure II 2017 Sculptural Form and Structure II
The Arch
Lopes - Carss Park, Morning Figures Carss Park, Morning Figures
Untitled Figure and Village Untitled Figure and Village
Steve Lopes - Untitled Landscape Untitled Landscape
Steve Lopes - Untitled Study Untitled Study
Steve Lopes - Rooftop Figure Rooftop Figure
Steve Lopes - Camp Figure Camp Figure
Lament Singer - Paris, Diptych
Steve Lopes - Central City study Central City study
Steve Lopes - Untitled Figure Untitled Figure
Steve Lopes - Untitled Figure II Untitled Figure II
Autumn Travelling
Possession Cart
Steve Lopes - Sleeping Syrian - Paris Sleeping Syrian - Paris
Steve Lopes - Impossible Find Impossible Find
Trench and Pines Nek II by Steve Lopes Trench and Pines Nek II
Headland View by Steve Lopes Headland View
Trench Study III by Steve Lopes Trench Study III
Hunter, Filicudi by Steve Lopes Hunter, Filicudi
Little village by Steve Lopes Little village