Hero Dominello 2021

Recent Work

Viola Dominello
12 - 30 October
Opening Saturday 16 October, 3 - 5 (COVID-19 and social distancing aware)

Attention to the shifting and shimmering movement of Australian light creates works of lyrical abstraction and colour in VIOLA DOMINELLO’s recent paintings. Through painterly gesture DOMINELLO’s practice is imbued with a sensitivity that reveals moments of transient beauty in the landscape and through its intricacies.

DOMINELLO responds to the felt experience. Working en plein air, her practice is inspired by the German Romantic artist Caspar David Friedrich, who outlines, "The artist should not only paint what he sees before him, but also what he sees within him. If, however, he sees nothing within him, then he should also omit to paint then what he sees before him". For DOMINELLO it is this first encounter through en plein air practice that is later recreated in the studio, resulting in highly perceptive emotive works. Her paintings are alive with colour and movement that goes beyond the purely representational. VIOLA DOMINELLO creates works of quiet yet vibrant wonder. Finding inspiration near her home around the Hawkesbury and the hinterlands, a warmth and familiarity exudes from the landscapes. Working en plein air her first impressions jot down the essential features of the landscape, capturing an instant of changing light and tone. This sense of immediacy speaks of an intuitive artistry that captures the feeling and mood of a place.

With vigor DOMINELLO cuts into the paint, moving and scraping it over the canvas to create texture and movement. Her en plein air landscapes are atmospheric in mood and tonality, layered with marks to evoke landscapes and object of observation that are alive with movement and energy. DOMINELLO deftly captures the flux and illumination of light. Her palette exudes the heat of the changing Australian light. At the same time the artist hones in on the minutiae of what the land has to offer; craggy rock faces, the multitude of colours in peeling tree barks, the glimmer of light on water, fleeting encounters with small wildlife, and bursts of colour and texture found through small blossoms and blooms.


Boag Sydney Surrounds hero 2021

Sydney Surrounds

Yvonne Boag
2 November - 27 November
Opening Saturday 6 November, 3 - 5 (COVID-19 and social distancing aware)

Shades of Summer hero 2021

Shades of Summer

Deirdre Bean, Janet Dawson, Merran Esson, Rachel Fairfax, Jane Gerrish
30 November - 18 December
Opening Saturday 4 December, 3 - 5 (COVID-19 and social distancing aware)