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Summer Renewal 2020 hero

Summer - Renewal

Annabel Butler, Janet Dawson, Viola Dominello, Ashley Frost, Steve Lopes, Corinne Loxton & Tiziana Tringali
4 February - 29 February 2020

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At this moment our thoughts are with those impacted by the bushfires scorching our homeland. This has been a summer that has given us all pause for thought. As an Australian gallery who represents Australian artists, we would like to offer up a selection of works that speak to the artists experience of an Australian summer, with the desire to regain natural balance we’ve taken for granted and hope of regrowth and renewal. The practice of plein air painting, and landscape painting brings with it an appreciation of the unique beauty and qualities this country offers. Each artist strives to capture something vivid and precious in their work.


ANNABEL BUTLER’s painterly landscape vignettes evoke the dry heat and strong light of and Australian summer in Sydney’s Centennial Park. Painting en plein air, BUTLER has worked on the small 9x5 format in the tradition of the Heidelberg School.

JANET DAWSON’s ongoing desire to explore and expose the resonance of a place emerges through her pastel drawings and watercolours of, often, rural Australian landscapes and the everyday of her still-life.

VIOLA DOMINELLO finds inspiration near her home in and around the Hawkesbury and the hinterlands. Working en plein air she captures and instant of changing light and tone. Through painterly gestures DOMINELLO’s practice is imbued with a sensitivity that reveals moments of intricate and transient beauty of the landscape. Her current work observes the effects of the current soaring temperature and drought conditions in and around the Hawkesbury. The high key palette captures the harsh light and crackling heat of summer in this region.

Painting at the turning points of the day ASHLEY FROST’s works capture the sublime transition of early morning or evening dusk light. Fluid in form and composition, His paintings engage with the relationship between bodies of water and vast skies and their otherworldly evocations of light through a vivid and viscous palette.

Also painting en plein air, STEVE LOPES offers up a brief summer oasis in his latest coastal studies. His energetic paintings of the vast beach at low tide, seaside cliffs and rocky plains, and the native pandanus tree along the coastline radiate with the heat of the day and the promise of cool relief from the sea. The figures in these landscapes are nameless, featureless and fully immersed in their surrounds.

CORINNE LOXTON’s focus is often on the sky and its transient light, colour and form; uncontrollable and ephemeral. Her paintings recognise the potential for both beauty and harshness through her depictions of land and sky amidst the devastation of the bushfires; a familiar scene during a hot, dry Australian summer. Other works suggest promise and hope for the artist through their cool, soft palette and golden hues of the sky at the break of dawn.

TIZIANA TRINGALI probes the beautiful and the cruel aspects of our natural environment; ultimately seeking to celebrate nature. Her work is romantic and minimalist in style, with nods to Chinese traditions of watercolour landscape painting. These works reflect the artists perception of the landscape, aiming to be sufficiently abstract to provoke observer’s perception of the natural environment. TRINGALI plays on contrast of light and dark, evoking the wind, position, and movement in the landscape through the brushwork. Her works embody the sense of place and the human desire for connection to the environment.