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Mother Moon | Missing

Eric Löbbecke
15 September - 10 October 2020
Opening Opens Saturday 19 September, 3 - 5 (COVID-19 safe and social distancing aware)

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ERIC LÖBBECKE seeks to capture and interpret a breadth of personal and broader social experiences and ideas in his works. Delving into the theme of ‘missing’, or ‘what is missing’, the artists proposes an innovative and digitally savvy way for viewers to react and engage to his personal interpretation of this theme and offer up their own ideas and understandings of his work and the concept that drives it. In turn ERIC LÖBBECKE hopes to bring these ideas and engagements to fruition through an ongoing dialogue with the viewers. The works on display are the result of two years in a Masters of Fine Art by Research at UNSW Art and Design.

For LÖBBECKE, the theme of ‘missing’ is twofold; driving both the methodology of his work and the meaning behind it. As such, the works in this exhibition are presented in two parts. First, the idea of what is missing is understood and reckoned with on a deep and personal level for the artist as he interprets the theme through the specificity of his own circumstances. The question is then offered more broadly to the viewers: what is missing? These two components of this body of work are ultimately interconnected and in active dialogue as LÖBBECKE strives to create an active experience and engagement through his work.

In Mother Moon, LÖBBECKE explores the theme of ‘missing’ through his personal experiences and reflections on grief. The work captures a dark time in the artist’s life as he experienced his mother’s ceaseless and seemingly inexplicable grief and constant crying as she hid her terminal illness from him; knowing he would be taking his first trip back to France at the age of 22. The loss of his mother, the absence of knowledge and understanding at this time is all explored in a series of prints from his digital drawings that flow and grow in stages. A poem accompanies these works and is used to narrate the growing digital drawing that is culminated in a 3-minute video work. This video work shows the evolution of LÖBBECKE’s digital drawing that flows with the narration and evocative imagery of his poem as it transitions and is built upon through each stage captured in the prints. The second component of this exhibition is a growing collaborative artwork on the theme of ‘missing’. This work will be actively created throughout the exhibition and will rely on the ideas and stories accumulated from the viewers and gallery patrons. They are asked to contribute in a way that will inspire LÖBBECKE to conjure up a growing composition over the duration of the show. ERIC LÖBBECKE proposes a collaboration of this kind as a new experience for the viewer, being a participator in the outcome. The artist is preoccupied with a civil collective story that emerges from these compositions and the confluence of diverse ideas.   

ERIC LÖBBECKE is a Sydney based artist, born in Vienna Austria 1966. His family migrated to Australia in 1973 with his French mother and German father. LÖBBECKE is a cartoonist and illustrator on the opinion page of the Australian newspaper since 1988. He has had three solo exhibitions at NG ART gallery Sydney and has shown twice in a dual artist exhibition in The Holland Park Icehouse, London. LÖBBECKE is currently researching an innovative and engaging working model for artists in the new digital age, as part of his Masters of Fine Art by Research at UNSW Art and Design.



If you would like to engage with the artist in the live creation of an artwork as part of this exhibition, you can visit Eric Löbbecke’s Art Co-Lab and help him grow a drawing with your suggestions for MISSING.