Exhibitions by year: 2008

Clara Hali

Sculptural Transformations
16 Jan - 16 Feb

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Sydney sculptor CLARA HALI creates bold female figures in bronze, stone and wood. Based on the female form, these sculptures are alive with energy. She constructs the female figure using a cubist ethos, piecing together figurative and abstract planes. The angular surfaces of HALI's sculptures invigorate the female form with physical and historical presence.

Paul Higgs, Kevin Norton & Liz Shreeve

19 Feb - 15 Mar

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Paul HIGGS, Kevin NORTON and Liz SHREEVE present sensory explorations into form, light and colour. They share a captivating energy.

Ian Marr

18 Mar - 12 Apr

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Ian MARR's work captures the quintessential ebb and flow of nature. He is both a painter and a letter cutter into stone and slate. MARR imbues both mediums with his passion for history and travel.

Merran Esson

Displaced Places
15 Apr - 17 May

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ESSON has been at the forefront of Australian ceramics for many years. Resonances of her native Tumbarumba landscape (Snowy Mountains) appear in her strong strata-like patterns.

Filomena Coppola

Heart Song
15 Apr - 17 May

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Heart Song represents the individual stories of ten women. Each woman was asked to take photographs of shadows to which she responded. These images were then collated and reinterpreted by Coppola into a drawing that she felt evoked the spirit of each woman.

Rae Bolotin & Miik Green

20 May - 21 Jun

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Rae BOLOTIN's and Miik GREEN's sculptures and wall works are emblematic of the current diversity of medium used by many sculptors. BOLOTIN has spent much time in Beijing in the Dashanzi artist region developing the traditional technique of hand-beaten metal, which she uses to create her well-known 'apple peel' sculptures. GREEN is influenced by the human body, fungi and cell organisms. His works reflect the sensual curves of nature.

Janet Dawson, Ian Gentle & Lesley Turnbull

24 Jun - 19 Jul

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JANET DAWSON, IAN GENTLE and LESLEY TURNBULL share an appreciation for the Australian environment. All three artists investigate the qualities of the natural world in different ways.

Vivien Haley

New work 2008
22 Jul - 23 Aug

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Known as a leading textile artist, VIVIEN HALEY turned to painting six years ago. Her layered atmospheric collage paintings mark HALEY's significant transition from textile to acrylic works.

Keith Lane

22 Jul - 23 Aug

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KEITH LANE paints the meeting between China and Australia, and technology and tradition. He creates images of the iconic t-shirt writ large with Chinese characters and images.

Guy Stuart

Writing the Picture: Recent Paintings
26 Aug - 20 Sep

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For over forty years GUY STUART has been recognised as one of Australia's leading artists. STUART captures the Australian landscape with an economy of line. His canvases and works on paper are the synthesis between painting and drawing.

Anna Eggert

From a Square to a Circle
23 Sept - 25 Oct

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ANNA EGGERT's new sculptural works are about transformation. She uses telephone cable to explore the ways in which utilitarian objects can be transformed, both physically and visually.

Viola Dominello

28 Oct - 22 Nov

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VIOLA DOMINELLO explores the immediacy of oil paint. She cuts into the paint, moving and scraping it over the surface of the canvas, using the same evocative, but refined, gestures found in DOMINELLO's watercolours.

Tanya Chaitow

There's a Moose In the Stairwell
25 Nov - 20 Dec 2008

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TANYA CHAITOW's acrylic on board paintings explore the relationship between emotion and imagination. CHAITOW simultaneously invites the viewer into her intensely personal exploration of human emotions and relationships, at the same time that she encourages the viewer to look outside her work and into their own world.