Exhibitions by year: 2009

Denese Oates

21 Jan - 21 Feb

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DENESE OATES creates striking, asymmetrical sculptures and wall works using aged metal and iconic imagery from the natural environment.

Ambrose Reisch

Sleeping on the River
24 Feb - 21 Mar

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AMBROSE REISCH's work is profoundly multi-layered. His contemplative landscapes and still lifes initiate a visual conversation. REISCH is moved by the landscape of the Hawkesbury River and his oil paintings acutely communicate this inspiration. He uses a reduced colour palette to capture painterly moments in time.

Joy Warren

Small Porcelains
24 Feb - 21 Mar

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JOY WARREN creates poetic thrown ceramic vessels. There is a beautiful delicacy in WARREN's work. The simplicity of the handmade shape, the tactility of the glaze and the understated tones make each work a contemplative treasure


Thick. Thin. Vivid. Muted. Textural. Painterly. Smooth. Tonal. Luscious. Scraped. Dotted. Sprayed. Dripped.
24 Mar - 18 Apr

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PAINT is a group exhibition of works by MERRICK BELYEA, JANET DAWSON, VIOLA DOMINELLO, ASHLEY FROST, MIIK GREEN, PAUL HIGGS, INGRID JOHNSTONE, IAN MARR, MORAG MILLER, LIZ SHREEVE, GUY STUART and LESLEY TURNBULL. PAINT will explore the many ways in which paint is used in contemporary art. The uses of paint will surprise, delight and amaze.

Luca Gansser

21 Apr - 16 May

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LUCA GANSSER's paintings on board are a reflection of his experience in Timor Leste (East Timor) and his world travels. GANSSER's vibrant paintings depict different elements of Timor Leste's past, present and future - a skull hidden in lush foliage, a flower blooming, an art student painting.

Rod Holdaway & Merrick Fry

A Tale of Two Cities
14 - 24 Apr

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MERRICK FRY and ROD HOLDAWAY share an interest in the energy of the world around them. Depot Gallery, 2 Danks Street, Waterloo NSW 2017 in conjunction with Stella Downer Fine Art

Maree Alexander, Anna Eggert, Jacqui Hudson & Dale Miles

Strange Lifes
19 May - 7 June

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In Strange Lifes the world of still life is turned on its head. There is nothing still about the works of Maree Alexander, Anna Eggert, Jacqui Hudson and Dale Miles. Rather, the four artists imbue objects with a sense of the living, the strange and the surreal.

Paul Higgs

9 June - 5 July

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Paul Higgs' work is a tense and surprising music like, considered balance of complex opposites. The inert and the frenetic , energy and rest , harmony and dissonance, all find unity in these energetic, playful and joyous compositions. His paintings and mixed media paint constructs are a testament to his commitment to abstraction.

Lynda Draper, Merran Esson & Fiona Murphy

7 - 26 July

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Lynda Draper, Merran Esson and Fiona Murphy use the medium of ceramics in very different ways. LYNDA DRAPER transforms objects from her childhood home to create memorials to the memories, fears, desires and daydreams of a female growing up in the Australian suburbs. MERRAN ESSON has been at the forefront of Australian ceramics for many years. Resonances of her native Tumbarumba landscape (Snowy Mountains) appear in her strong strata-like patterns. FIONA MURPHY's work is the meeting point between nature and culture. Her organic structures appear to grow and transform into industrial assemblages.

David Fairbairn

28 July - 23 Aug

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DAVID FAIRBAIRN says "my drawings and paintings are a forensic mapping out of an energy field." FAIRBAIRN creates architectural portraits using bold layers and angular lines. His densely layered works on paper portray the inherent fragility and transient nature of human existence - the shifting layers become markers of time, capturing every movement of the sitter and every mark made by the artist. FAIRBAIRN describes himself as a 'hybrid' - that is he combines printmaking, draughtsmanship and painting. His works begin with a completed print which becomes the underlying structure for the layers of paint he uses to build the work.

Graham Fransella

25 Aug - 20 Sept

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GRAHAM FRANSELLA's work is unashamedly bold. His striking canvases and large-scale etchings capture a burst of colour and multi-layered abstraction. Embedded in FRANSELLA's work is a visual geography created by strong lines and textural planes which he uses to address presence and absence. That is, the presence of the human form he has made known and the absence of personal identity.

HUANG Xu, HU Qinwu and LAO Dan

Beautiful World: New Art from China
22 Sept - 18 Oct

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Beautiful World: New Art from China showcases three contemporary Chinese artists, HUANG Xu, HU Qinwu and LAO Dan, whose abstracted works present aspects of contemporary Chinese art not usually seen in Australia. The three artists reference our world, but it is not the world of pop culture or socialist realism so often associated with contemporary Chinese art. Instead Huang, Hu and Lao reference the natural world - cellular, amorphous and fragmented forms suspended in ambiguous environments.

China Art Projects also showing 'Tempting God: Jane Dyer (Australia), Guan Wei (China), Gonkar Gyatso (UK), Lindy Lee (Australia), Liu Gang (China), Tony Scott (Australia) & Wayne Warren (UK)' in The Depot Gallery, 22 September - 4 October.

Steve Lopes

Sons of Los
20 Oct - 22 Nov

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STEVE LOPES combines a talent for both figurative and landscape painting. The title, Sons of Los, comes from a poem by William Blake called The Sky is an Immortal Tent Built by the Sons of Los, which examines the rise and fall of the self-obsessed deity Urizen. The title is fitting because LOPES studied the man-made Lake Eucumbene for the exhibition. Built for the Snowy Mountains hydro-electric scheme, Lake Eucumbene has succumb to terrible drought and now reveals the ruins of the town (Adaminaby) it forcibly swallowed as well as the traces of the people who once lived there.

Ian Marr

24 Nov - 20 Dec

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IAN MARR's work captures the quintessential ebb and flow of nature. He is both a painter and a letter cutter into stone and slate. MARR imbues both mediums with his passion for history and travel. MARR paints textural landscapes both on slate and canvas. MARR's paintings are tonal explorations into his most treasured areas of Australia such as Port Wilunga, SA. Painting onto the surface of slate gives MARR's work a direct and literal link to the natural world. His soft toned colours and gestural application of paint evoke many eras of landscape tradition and history.