Exhibitions by year: 2011

Denese Oates

A Walk in the Woods
19 January - 19 February

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DENESE OATES is a sculptor of considerable skill who transforms ordinary copper wire into inspired and carefully crafted objects that range from the biological to the botanical. Full of undulating movement and rhythmic lines her organic forms convey the ebb and flow of nature. If some of OATES sculptures are serene like a daydream one might slip into on a casual stroll, others appear lively and mysterious. Born in Orange, NSW, DENESE OATES studied at the Alexander Mackie College of Advanced Education in Sydney (now College of Fine Arts, UNSW). Since 1976 she has exhibited in over seventy group exhibitions and had twenty-five solo exhibitions.

Ivor Fabok, Paul Higgs, Bruce Radke

22 February - 19 March

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IVOR FABOK, PAUL HIGGS and BRUCE RADKE explore the possibilities of abstraction. IVOR FABOK is interested in the relationship of colour to sculptural form. PAUL HIGGS creates constructs in collage and paint. His compositions are a considered balance of complex opposites. BRUCE RADKE is highly respected for his skill as a sculptor and for over twenty years he has been creating seamless works.

Tanya Chaitow

Battle for the day before
22 March - 21 April

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Ambiguity and whimsy are important elements in TANYA CHAITOW'S work and her fanciful paintings and drawings blur past and present, fact and fiction, internal and external reality. Adopting a naive style, CHAITOW is able to work intuitively to capture fleeting mental states and her poetic works are charged with a powerful psychological resonance. Working with a troupe of impossible characters, often part animal part human, CHAITOW offers up a vision of her personal mythologies. Like a playwright she enlists us in imaginary worlds where we are free to reflect and fantasise.


27 April - 21 May

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Japonisme brings together seven leading contemporary Australian artists TITANIA HENDERSON, MIKI KUBO, LUCILLE MARTIN, DAVID POTTINGER, LIZ SHREEVE, GUY STUART and MAMI YAMANAKA. Featuring innovative works inspired by mutual artistic exchange between Australia and Japan, this exhibition celebrates cross-cultural dialogues in contemporary art.

Ambrose Reisch

Falling Against the Darkness
24 May - 18 June

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AMBROSE REISCH's work is profoundly multi-layered. Distillations of thinking and feeling, his contemplative landscapes and still lifes are charged with powerful psychological address. REISCH is moved by the landscape of the Hawkesbury River and his paintings acutely communicate this inspiration.

Lynne Boyd, Janet Dawson, Ishbel Morag Miller

21 June - 16 July

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LYNNE BOYD, JANET DAWSON and ISHBEL MORAG MILLER capture the beauty of the world around them. LYNNE BOYD paints atmospheric landscapes that transport the viewer into lyrical realms. A superb colourist and consummate draughtsman, JANET DAWSON is one of Australia's most senior artists. ISHBEL MORAG MILLER creates detailed landscapes and still lifes.

Chinese Nexus

19 July - 20 August

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Chinese Nexus showcases five contemporary Chinese artists GAO Ping, HU Qinwu, HUANG Xu, LAO Dan & LIU Zhuoquan whose works present aspects of contemporary Chinese art not usually seen in Australia. The artists reference their world, but it is not the world of pop culture or socialist realism so often associated with contemporary Chinese art.

David Fairbairn

23 August - 17 September

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For more than twenty years DAVID FAIRBAIRN has been a leading Australian draftsman. His arresting portraits are charged with an uncanny psychological reality, they reveal a fascination with structure and presence. As he builds up his complex, textured surfaces, FAIRBAIRN strips back psychological barriers between subject and artist - revealing a stark and fragile humanity.

Viola Dominello

20 September - 15 October

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VIOLA DOMINELLO has a finely tuned sensibility and her dexterous images imbue the Australian landscape with unseen ancestral and cultural ties, invoking the inky landscapes of Chinese scholar painting just as they echo earlier en plein air watercolour landscapes of Italy. Responding to nature in her chosen mediums of charcoal, oil paint and watercolour DOMINELLO captures the shifting light and liquescent air of coastal vistas.

Paul Higgs

18 October - 12 November

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PAUL HIGGS' mixed media works are a considered balance of complex opposites. HIGGS is well known for his commitment to abstraction and his compositions are a vigorous repartee between colour, line, texture and movement. The inert and the frenetic, energy and rest, harmony and dissonance all find equilibrium in his playful and joyous collages.

Rod Holdaway

Familiar Terrain
15 November - 17 December

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ROD HOLDAWAY'S tonal paintings and drawings of suburban life possess a kinetic intensity. HOLDAWAY'S works encapsulate the ambience of city living through an applied jungle of pigment. He has a fascination with the built environment. Applying gestural lines, he traces his surroundings as if re-imagining them onto the page. As he fragments and dissects, winds and navigates his way through familiar streetscapes their materiality is simultaneously captured and dissolved.