Exhibitions by year: 2012

Sculpture 2012

18 January - 18 February

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Sculpture 2012 brings together six innovative artists who are at the forefront of the contemporary art practice in Australia: RAE BOLOTIN, ANNA EGGERT, SHERRIE KNIPE, DENESE OATES & BRUCE RADKE. Each artist has a distinctive style and creative process; the diversity of their works is emblematic of the range of mediums and many languages of sculpture.


21 February - 17 March

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TANYA CHAITOW, LYNDA DRAPER & JACQUI HUDSON explore the relationship between emotion and creativity, creating uncanny works that teeter between the beautiful and the strange. Animal references found in CHAITOW, DRAPER & HUDSON'S work made might be interpreted as manifestations of the animus ego. According to Carl Jung's school of analytical psychology, the anima or animus is an anthropomorphic archetype which we only experience fleeting glimpses of in dreams. It is a powerful source of creative ability.

Merrick Fry

Recent Work
20 March - 21 April

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For MERRICK FRY whimsy and imagination reign supreme, his kaleidoscopic drawings, paintings and sculptures offer up a vision of the world that is poetic & uncanny. FRY'S works describe the familiar urban landscape, but it is a landscape that has been ingested and embellished. Sculptural forms that at first resemble Sydney's skyscrapers are just as likely to evoke totems, intergalactic plants or stalagmites.

Ashley Frost

Urban Patinas
24 April - 19 May

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To ASHLEY FROST cities are curious and vibrant places, sites of modernity and the cradle of contemporary life. Fascinated by intersections, where the city periphery converges with the inner suburbs and the moment where day ends and night begins, he shows us there is great physical beauty to be found in the urbane.

Fowlers Gap

13 artists paint the desert
22 May - 16 June

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In May 2011, ARTIST PROFILE, in partnership with renowned international paint company Winsor & Newton, took a group of 13 prominent Australian artists to the Barrier Ranges of North West New South Wales. The tour saw the artists drive 1,100km west of Sydney, past Broken Hill and onto the University of New South Wales' Arid Zone Research Station of Fowlers Gap where they responded to the landscape. This is a satellite show that coincides with a nationally touring exhibition that launches at the S.H. Ervin Gallery, Sydney in May. Artists include: Margaret Ackland, Elisabeth Cummings, Merran Esson, Joe Frost, Alan Jones, Jennifer Keeler-Milne, Ross Laurie, Steve Lopes, Euan Macleod, Idris Murphy, Amanda Penrose Hart, Peter Sharp and Guy Warren.

The Drawing Room

19 June - 14 July

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Spotlighting the work of six leading Australian and Chinese artists, The Drawing Room will showcase some exciting developments within contemporary drawing practice. The Drawing Room is a group exhibition of works on paper by RAE BOLOTIN, VIOLA DOMINELLO, DAVID FAIRBAIRN, LAO DAN, GAO PING & AMBROSE REISCH.

Steve Lopes

17 July - 18 August

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STEVE LOPES is a gifted painter with a deep concern for placing the figure in landscape. In the poetic vistas of Lopes' recent 'Junk' series, we are invited to notice the inherent beauty of coughed-up objects of the everyday: iron, boxes, bottles and bricks. LOPES' ramshackle parade of disconnected forms and figures make simple statements that reflect upon the beauty that can be found in forgotten treasures and ordinary landscapes that sometimes require a second look.

Stella Downer Fine Art at the Melbourne Art Fair

2 - 5 August

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Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton Gardens, Melbourne

STELLA DOWNER FINE ART has exhibited at the Melbourne Art Fair since 2002. Exhibiting in the 2012 Fair will be TANYA CHAITOW, MERRAN ESSON, ASHLEY FROST, GAO PING, SHERRIE KNIPE, LAO DAN & DENESE OATES (from the gallery stable of forty artists).

Janet Dawson, Gail English, Rod Holdaway

21 August - 15 September

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DAWSON, GAIL ENGLISH and ROD HOLDAWAY share a special sensitivity. Together their works capture the eclectic beauty and poetry of the Australian landscape. A superb tonalist and consummate draughtsman, JANET DAWSON is one of Australia's most senior artists. Paintings by GAIL ENGLISH sing with colour. ENGLISH has developed a painterly language of loose geometric forms that refer to rural topographies. ROD HOLDAWAY'S tonal paintings and drawings are charged with a kinetic intensity and they capture the ambience of the urban environment.

Trevor Weekes

The Floating World and the Beauty of Things
18 September - 13 October

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TREVOR WEEKES' paintings and drawings of animals in imaginary landscapes are portals into a whimsical and exotic realm. His waterlogged worlds immerse us in an uncanny reality in which mystery, glamour, shadow and danger are prescient.

Lynne Boyd, Heather Dorrough, Joy Warren

16 October - 10 November

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LYNNE BOYD, HEATHER DORROUGH & JOY WARREN share an interest in reflection; their lyrical works ponder the vastness of nature with a sensitive modesty. LYNNE BOYD paints atmospheric landscapes, playing on the inherent tension between liquidity and solidity in paint. HEATHER DORROUGH'S panoramic prints of the iconic bush, water, and sky surroundings of the Hawkesbury convey a romantic engagement with nature. The simplicity of the handmade shape, the tactility of the glaze and the understated tones of JOY WARREN's ceramics make each piece a contemplative treasure.

Deck the walls

13 November - 15 December

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Our final exhibition for 2012, Deck the Walls celebrates the year in art. Feast on brand new works by FILOMENA COPPOLA, VIOLA DOMINELLO, RACHEL FAIRFAX, ASHLEY FROST, MERRICK FRY, MIKI KUBO, ISHBEL MORAG MILLER & LIZ SHREEVE. Presenting eight gifted artists, Deck the Walls brings tidings of joy de vivre and a flourishing creative spirit.