Exhibitions by year: 2013

Rae Bolotin

Family Silver
23 January - 16 February

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RAE BOLOTIN has an affinity for metal and her latest pieces incorporate treasured heirlooms - the family silver. BOLOTIN repurposes antiques, converting them according to a contemporary visual language. Elements of line, volume, space, rhythm and structure are explored to create unified and poetic abstract forms. Like the cutlery set they once were, these contemplative objects are mannered, elegant and refined.


19 February - 16 March

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Make tracks to Danks St! During Art Month, Stella Downer Fine Art will offer a wild experience. The gallery will become a menagerie as twelve exhibiting artists delight in all creatures great and small. From insects to elephants, animals have always been a beloved subject matter for artists. Zoologica will include ceramics, drawings, glass, painting & sculpture by TANYA CHAITOW, VIOLA DOMINELLO, LYNDA DRAPER, RACHEL FAIRFAX, JUDY HOLDING, JACQUI HUDSON, SHERRIE KNIPE, MIKI KUBO, STEVE LOPES, JOY WARREN, TREVOR WEEKES & JOHN WRIGHT.

Miik Green & Paul Higgs

Surface Revelations
19 March - 20 April

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PAUL HIGGS and MIIK GREEN create joyous, tactile works. They share a fascination with optical contrast and a sense of excitement in the moment when two colours or textures meet.

Janet Dawson

2 - 27 July

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Reflecting the mutability of nature, JANET DAWSON captures light and tone with a sure and subtle hand. Through landscape and still life, DAWSON traces life's seasons of inevitable ebb and flux, seeing keenly the beauty throughout. A superb tonalist and consummate draughtsman, DAWSON is one of Australia's most senior artists.

Gallery Artists

30 July - 24 August

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Rae Bolotin, Tanya Chaitow, Janet Dawson, Viola Dominello, Merran Esson, Rachel Fairfax, Ashley Frost, Rod Holdaway, Judy Holding, Steve Lopes, Ian Marr, Denese Oates, Liz Shreeve, Trevor Weekes

Stella Downer Fine Art represents fourteen contemporary Australian artists who work across a range of mediums, including sculpture, painting, works on paper and ceramics. 'Gallery Artists' celebrates their diverse practices and unique qualities, brought together in one exhibition.

Rachel Fairfax

Gallipoli and Beyond
27 August - 21 September

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Gallipoli and Beyond is an exhibition of works on paper by RACHEL FAIRFAX. The artist presents a quiet view of Turkey, with washes of soft colour that create a sense of the still moment. From ancient cities to the mosques of Istanbul, FAIRFAX reflects the beauty of a country where many histories co-exist.

Gallery Artists (September)

Gallery Artists (September)

24 September - 19 October

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Worlds collide in 'Gallery Artists'. Here, the natural, cultural and liminal meet in playful dialogue. Presenting works by RAE BOLOTIN, ASHLEY FROST, ROD HOLDAWAY, JUDY HOLDING, IAN MARR, LIZ SHREEVE, JOHN WRIGHT.

Steve Lopes

China Studies
22 October - 16 November

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In 'China Studies', the artist turns his gaze to village life in China, resting his eyes on scenes often overlooked. Village characters come to life in LOPES' sketches and studies, granting a sense of timelessness to a community in the midst of shifting change.

Tanya Chaitow

Moon Days
19 November - 14 December

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Ambiguity and whimsy are important elements in TANYA CHAITOW'S work and her fanciful paintings and drawings blur past and present, fact and fiction, internal and external reality. Adopting a naive style, CHAITOW is able to work intuitively to capture fleeting mental states and her poetic works are charged with a powerful psychological resonance. Working with a troupe of impossible characters, often part animal part human, CHAITOW offers up a vision of her personal mythologies. Like a playwright she enlists us in imaginary worlds where we are free to reflect and fantasise.