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Natural attraction

Denese Oates

14 December 2010

"Denese Oates is the queen of corrosion. She likes her iron rusty and her copper weathered with a watery verdigris patina, so we had this is common straight away. It is mesmerising to see this softly spoken lady don a welding mask, fire up her blowtorch and contentedly weld tiny bits of metal together. Her bold and intricate sculptures pay homage to nature in the most reverent way" - Jamie Durie ...more

May Barrie

11- 12 December 2010

A mother-and-daughter show with the 92-year-old sculptor (who won last year's Sculpture by the Sea with her granite monolith Time and Tide) exhibiting small-scale versions of her


May Barrie & Tori de Mestre

3 December 2010

May Barrie's stone sculptures defy their materials with sharp edges and soft curves, while painter Tori de Mestre's canvases are delicate and layered counterpoints of shifting perception.

Tuesday to Saturday, until September 18, Stella Downer Fine Art, 2 Danks St, Waterloo, 9319 1006.

May Barrie & Tori de Mestre

2 December 2010

May Barrie & Tori de Mestre are having an exhibition at Stella Downer Fine Art Gallery, 23 November - 18 December.  There is some truly beautiful work on show so if you are in Sydney drop into Stella's gallery in Danks Street, Waterloo. 

May Barrie & Tori de Mestre

1 December 2010

Sculptor May Barrie (2009 Sculpture by the Sea winner) and her daughter Tori de Mestre live in a romantic alliance with nature. Living and working on their beloved family property at Calderwood they achieve a synthesis of site and practice. Stella Downer Fine Art, 2 Danks St Waterloo. Until December 18.  ...more

A Walk in the Woods With Denese Oates

27 November 2010

A Walk in the Woods With Denese Oates, Stella Downer Fine Art, 2 Danks St, Waterloo; opens 6pm, then daily 11am - 6pm until February 19, free, 9319 1006,

Denese Oates's sculpture exhibition features carefully crafted works ranging from the biological to the botanical. The works are full of rhythmic movement which sheds light on inspirations gained from her childhood in Orange. 


May Barrie and Tori de Mestre

17 November 2010

While my mother and I get along best when we're throwing down stacks of cash at Incu (shout outs to the best mum!), May Barrie and her daughter Tori De Mestre live a platonically romantic life aligned directly with nature. Carving stones, sculpting, painting and living on their family property at Calderwood they draw connections between objects, inherited spaces and human kinship. Up until the 1960s, May carved without electricity, using a mallet and chisel to shape, and her hands to polish. Tori was lucky to inherit her mum's artists visions and incredible self discipline, and together, for their current exhibition, they achieve an amalgamation of place and practice. - HM

Rae Bolotin

Feature Artist

11 November 2010

Rae Bolotin experiments with tantalising organic forms, playing with equilibrium and scale to surreal effect.

Interview - Rae Bolotin


23 - 24 October

"In reality there is no seed like that, it's a magical fantasy."



Statues of ... no limitations

Rae Bolotin

22 October 2010

RAE Bolotin wants people to move around her sculptures and observe the vibrant changing colours.



Denese takes craft down to the wire

15 October 2010

DENESE Oates' organic wire sculptures have morphed from fish tales into botanical shapes. ...more

Wendy Teakel wins $35k Country Energy Prize for Landscape Painting

5 October 2010

Wendy Teakel of Murrumbateman, near Yass, has won Countryscapes 2010 for her artwork Black Soil Country.

Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize 2010

October 2010

Congratulations to SDFA artist LYNDA DRAPER who has had her work White Elephant included in the 10th Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize 2010

Wendy Teakel has won the Country Energy Art Prize 2010

1 October 2010

Congratulations to Stella Downer Fine Art artist Wendy Teakel who has won Australia's richest prize for landscape painting with her entry Black Soil Country. Now in its eighth year, the $35,000 Country Energy Art Prize for Landscape Painting showcases the wealth of artistic talent across country and coastal New South Wales. ...more

Profile: Stella Downer

16 September 2010

Trevor Gager of Arts Hub interviews Stella Downer , Director of Stella Downer Fine Art...



resident expert

September - October 2010

In an extract from his new book, renowned Virginia raised Sydney-based designer Thomas Hamel shares his thoughts on the creation of a residence. The home features a large c-type print by Huang Xu.