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10am Exhibition

15 December 2012

 It's your last chance to see the final exhibition of 2012 at this gallery. There is fine work on display and for sale by artists including Filomena Coppola, Viola Dominello and Rachel Fairfax, whose work, Spirit Birds - Red Beaked is pictured above.


Dobell Prize-winning artist David Fairbairn

15 December 2012

The Art Gallery of New South Wales have produced a video interview with Dobell Prize winner David Fairbairn. Fairbairn talks about the importance of line in drawing and the process of drawing a sitter from life.

Click here to view it

Beautiful Intent

Lynda Draper and Jacqui Hudson

December 2012

Lynda Draper and Jacqui Hudson are concerned with the social and cultural power of art, yet their sculptural work engages with an aesthetic language that conveys beauty. An exhibition showcasing their work at Stella Downer Fine Art in Sydney, 2012, embodies a seamless interconnection between critical thinking and the seductive materiality, technical skill and finessing of craft practice. ...more

Growth and Differentiation

29 November 2012

Despite their delicate appearance, the underlying natural law in the structure of Liz Shreeve's paper sculptures makes them very robust. ...more

Boyd, Dorrough & Warren

November 2012

Lynne Boyd, Heather Dorrough and Joy Warren share a special sensitivity. Boyd paints atmospheric landscapes. Dorrough makes panoramic prints of the iconic bush, water, and sky surroundings of the Hawkesbury region. Warren exhibited for many years and was respected as a ceramic artist and an art historian. They come together in a thoughtful showing at Stella Downer Fine Art. ...more

Art for Humanity

Painters and Jewellers for Australian Red Cross

September 2012

This Red Cross project showed how art in its different forms can be used for charity and at the same time benefit the artist, the clients and the community as a whole.


Images in the frame

Janet Dawson

1 August 2012

Demand for Bruno Bernini prints has recently increased. His photograph Hot Soup 1957, showing the artist Janet Dawson, is a typical example of his European style. It sold for $1500. Another fashion shot, taken at the Eastern Market, fetched $1800. ...more

Trevor Weekes


August 2012

When Trevor Weekes began to explore the ideas underpinning the Japanese ukiyo-e prints that he collected - which were to inspire a new body of work - he discovered 'that there are two floating worlds'. ...more

Liu Zhuoquan


August 2012

Like Indiana Jones, Liu Zhuoquan is an intellectual maverick seeking a greater truth. "I regard Chinese society as an arena for my art to experiment within," he says. "Any subject, domestic, political, cultural, historic is a topic for me to use and be inspired by." ...more

Paper trail branches out

11 August 2012

Liz Shreeve's Whirl consists of a three-dimensional paper ball so ornate and detailed that one marvels at the patience and skill required to create it. ...more

Where to buy... THE WEEK visits an exhibition in a private gallery

Steve Lopes

10 - 16 August 2012

One of 13 well-known artists participating in the Not the Way Home desert artists' expedition to Fowlers Gap last year, Steve Lopes is interested in the detritus of everyday life as symbolic of how people interact with the landscape, said Open Gallery in The Sydney Morning Herald. ...more


Steve Lopes

4 - 5 August 2012

Figurative painter Steve Lopes is interested in how people interact with the landscape. ...more


30 July 2012

One of a dozen artists who travelled to the red-desert vista of Fowlers Gap, north of Broken Hill, for the recent S.H. Ervin Gallery show Not the Way Home, Steve Lopes is part of the new breed of plein air painters, connected to a tradition yet with an eye to the future.



Mosman Art Prize

David Fairbairn

28 - 29 July 2012

Gain insights into the creative process of 2012 prizewinner David Fairbairn and Clara Adolphs, winner of the emerging artist award, at an artist's talk on Sunday, 10:30am. Until August 26.


The Whole Thing

Hu Qinwu

26 July 2012

Luise Guest encounters a universe in the dots and lines of two very different, but connected artists... ...more


23 July 2012

He was selected from a field of 736 entrants by judge Anne Flanagan, deputy director of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, for his portrait of the artist James Barker. ...more