Stella Downer is a valuer for the Cultural Gifts Program, Department for the Arts, Canberra, Australia. The Department of the Arts is a government body and has strict guidelines for the recruitment of valuers. Stella’s extensive knowledge of, and experience in, the Australian and international art world ensures that she is regarded as one of the top valuers within this organisation.

Stella is able to value a broad range of artworks by Australian and International artists. Stella can provide valuations for the Cultural Gifts Program, insurance, superannuation and asset management. 


Stella Downer is able to provide advice on key investment pieces for personal and corporate collections. Stella manages several large corporate collections and has extensive experience in building, maintaining and expanding quality collections. Stella is able to work with you to direct the aesthetic, quality and size of your collection, be it a few key pieces for your home or numerous pieces for your business. 

Stella is also able to direct the hanging and installation of your collection. Knowing where and how to hang an artwork is very important, as the hanging greatly affects the look and reception of an artwork.

Gift Registry & Vouchers

An artwork is a thoughtful and timeless gift. Stella Downer Fine Art can arrange a gift registry or voucher for a special occasion, be it a wedding, birthday, anniversary or corporate event. Stella Downer Fine Art has artworks available across a wide range of mediums and prices.

If you would like further information about any of the above services please email