Deirdre Bean - Strelitzia and Fish Servers 2019
Deirdre Bean
Boag - Before Wagga 2020
Yvonne Boag
Aku Aku 9 by Rae Bolotin
Rae Bolotin
Winter by Betty Bray
Betty Bray
Annabel Butler 2018 Family of Three #2
Annabel Butler
At night the bees by Tanya Chaitow
Tanya Chaitow
Sidewalk Garden by Virginia Cuppaidge
Virginia Cuppaidge
Stormy moonrise I by Janet Dawson
Janet Dawson
Two Boats, Parsley Bay by Viola Dominello
Viola Dominello
Eisdell - Prince of Wy alias Paul Delprat
Nicolette Eisdell
A Different Skin #3 by Merran Esson
Merran Esson
Bright Day, Red Rock, Birthday Waterhole NT by Rachel Fairfax
Rachel Fairfax
Frost Tradies' Sublime 2017
Ashley Frost
Undercover by Rod Holdaway
Rod Holdaway
Tall Blue Mallee by Judy Holding
Judy Holding
Di Holdsworth - "Busy" on the moon 2019
Di Holdsworth
Kean - Reflections on Summer 2020
Roslyn Kean
Eric Löbbecke
After the Storm by Steve Lopes
Steve Lopes
Loxton - Evening Promise oil on canvas 2019
Corinne Loxton
(Kangaroos, Ayers Rock/Uluru) by Mary MacQueen
Mary MacQueen
A little cloud about the size of a man's hand by Ian Marr
Ian Marr
Diary notes: Heart of lead by Denese Oates
Denese Oates
Deep Blue by Liz Shreeve
Liz Shreeve
Porcelain flower/fruit bowl table piece and one engine-turned stoneware salt by Richard Spoehr
Richard Spoehr
Tringali - Morning Hope 2019
Tiziana Tringali
Venables White bowl on stem 47 2019
Prue Venables
Warner - Trangie Cups 2021
Lachlan Warner
Anoma - We blunder in
Anoma Wijewardene
Running Ring-tailed Lemurs 2 (Berenty, Madagascar) by Ling Yoong
Ling Yoong