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On the Dobell Prize 2009 @ AGNSW

ArtKritique blog post

Saturday 5 December 2009

I look forward to the Dobell Prize. It's the antidote to the celebrity silliness of the Archibald and can be guaranteed to leave you feeling far more elevated.

2009 Dobell Prize for Drawing

Four finalists represented by Stella Downer Fine Art

November 2009

Congratulations to four artists represented by SDFA who have been hung as Finalists in the 2009 Dobell Prize for Drawing: Tanya CHAITOW, David FAIRBAIRN, Graham FRANSELLA & Rod HOLDAWAY ...more

Time and Tide, May Barrie

24 November 2009

Late one evening as a storm approached, I caught a revealing glimpse of the rock. The silver light hit it directly, glazing the two concavities with a sheen, while the rough surface around was made soft by countless tiny shadows. The work seemed to be modelled in reflection and shadow, what the Greeks called skiagraphy. In the past, sculptors might finish their carving at night, modulating the surface with a claw chisel under the direction of an oil lamp. I imagined that the vision I had had at that moment might be projected onto its execution, a work carved in the course of days, the sun shining full face on the carving only at sunset. ...more

91yo takes top prize in Sculpture by the Sea

May Barrie

29 October 2009

A 91-year-old artist from Wollongong has won the major $60,000 prize at this year's Sculpture by the Sea festival in Sydney.

Caught Between A Rock And First Place

May Barrie

30 October 2009

May Barrie wins major prize at Sculpture By the Sea 2009

It might look like a meteorite but 'Time and Tide Granite Monolith II', the naturalistic sculpture that yesterday won Sculpture by the Sea's, $60,000 top prize has received a wave of earthly praise for its "incredible simplicity". ...more

Keeping Artistic Traditions Alive

Ian Marr

27 October 2009

Do as the Romans did and learn the ancient art of lettercutting.

Ashfield's new artist in residence, Ian Marr will be demonstrating the intricate art at Ashfield's Carnival of Cultures on Sunday 1 November 2009. 

On This Island, Meeting and Parting

Steve Lopes

October 2009 - Issue 9

In early 2009, Artist Profile Invited 11 Australian Painters on working tour of New Zealand's North Island. Included was Stella Downer's very own Steve Lopes.

Bravura: 21st Century Australian Craft

4 December 2009 - 31 January 2010


Forming part of the permanent collection of the Art Gallery of South Australia, the objects selected for Bravura interrogate the concept of 'place' as represented in contemporary Australian craft. This exhibition features a number of significant new acquistions by craft practitioners Stephen Benwell, Giles Bettison, Sandra Black, Merran Esson, Sandy Lockwood and Vipoo Srivilasa.

Rae Bolotin speaking at the Powerhouse Museum

in conjunction with the AGNSW's Silk Ikats exhibition

September 2009

Rae Bolotin will speak about 'Memories from Tashkent: life between two cultures in the City of Stone' on Saturday 5 September 2009 at the Powerhouse Museum ...more

NAVA Member Profile: Merran Esson

September 2009

Extract from an essay tited "A Survey of a Sense of Place" by Steven Bowers.  Published in Ceramics Art and Perception. Issue 58 2004. 

"Merran Esson (NSW) has lived in the vast interior of inland Australia as well as amid the intensely urban confines of its largest cosmopolitan city - Sydney. Her work expresses the contrast between these extremes."


Art in Troubled Times

Danks Street Conversations on Contemporary Art

July 2009

Danks Street Galleries invite you to the fourth in a series of Conversations on Contemporary Art, titled <em>Art in Troubled Time.</em> To be held on Tuesday 28 July, 6 for 6.30pm at Do


Graham Fransella on Artscape ABC TV

Landscape of the Wynne

July 2009

Artscape on ABC Television is showcasing the work of Graham Fransella in 'Landscape of the Wynne' on ABC1 Tues 28 July @ 10pm and ABC2 Sun 2 August @ 7pm.  Winner of the 2009 Art Gallery of New South Wales Trustee’s Watercolour Prize as part of the Wynne Prize, Fransella is exhibiting at Stella Downer Fine Art from 25 August to 20 September 2009.

Contemplative treasures of a potty pair

February 2009

Married more than 50 years, artist Guy Warren and his wife Joy understand each other very well. He is a distinguished artist while she is an art historian with a phD in ceramics